Adrian Pearsall
Founder, President and Designer
Craft Associates Inc.
Thank you for showing your interest in the life and designs of Adrian Pearsall, a leader in early modern furniture design. Over the past few years, there has been renewed interest in Adrian Pearsall's designs and on an almost daily basis we are contacted about the origin of a piece of furniture that a consumer may own. Adrian Pearsall was prolific with his designs and even at the height of production, allowed for custom work, making it very difficult to archive all of the interesting designs that were distributed throughout the world. This website is in the early stages of cataloging and identifying as much as possible, all of Adrian Pearsall's designs throughout his career. We invite you to visit our blog and post your inquires, thoughts and stories. In the furniture section, you will see pictures and catalog sheets of every item we have been able to identify chronologically. Please check back often as changes and additions will be made constantly. Just imagine taking fifty years of work and trying to catalog it. This work is being done by the children and relatives of Adrian Pearsall in their free time, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

Update: 04/11/2014

Unfortunately we have been forced to remove the catalog of designs from our website as multiple people have been downloading, copying and reproducing the featured pieces and selling them as authentic Adrian Pearsall / Craft Associates vintage furniture. While we have attempted to, and will continue to, work with these companies to properly represent their reproductions, the lack of respect for our father's name, designs and company name has been frustrating. Thus, in order to protect you, the discriminating collector, we now must officially certify the authenticity of Adrian Pearsall and Craft Associate furniture as a paid service instead of allowing open access to his designs. The fee we are charging for this service is now being used solely for the legal protection of his designs, and, in effect, for the protection of the value of all original pieces that are currently with collectors, in homes, and in specialty shops across the country.  We apologize for the inconvenience and I encourage all lovers of Adrian Pearsall designs and authentic, vintage, mid-century furniture of all types, to express your discontent to any and all sellers who mis-represent their products as authentic or authorized in any way as Adrian Pearsall / Craft Associates furniture designs.

The certification process is fairly simple. The Pearsall family has a full catalog of Adrian Pearsall designs to reference. That being said, we do need to do a through search of the entire catalog collection as they are extensive and generally cover as many as eight items on each page. This takes time away from our jobs and our personal free time. For a fee of $75.00, your submission will be researched. If the item you submitted is in the catalog, we will make a copy of the catalog sheet and email it to you along with a signed  and dated Certificate of Authenticity. If the item is not in the catalog, we will not attribute it to another manufacturer or designer. We will however, try to furnish copies of catalog sheets of similarly designed pieces that may have led a person to think they have an Adrian Pearsall piece. At least four photographs should be submitted for each piece from underneath, above, front and back. We may need to ask for additional photos. Please provide a mailing address as well so that we can send you a signed certificate if that is the case. If you are considering purchasing a piece of furniture, ask your dealer to provide certification. If they are honest and legitimate, they should have no problem honoring your request. We will invoice through PayPal after we provided you with our report. Requests for certification should be emailed to
<end update>

In the year 1962, Adrian Pearsall decided to design his own home. Educated as an architect, Adrian Pearsallâ„¢ designed a masterpiece "Ranch Home" utilizing every modern convenience then available. Some of those ideas are clearly dated now, but the the home lives on as a tribute to his creativity and ingenuity. The family, now living in different regions of the United States has decided that it is time for a new owner to enjoy this unique home and appreciate the talents of a gifted furniture designer and architect. At the bottom of this and every page you will see links that will take you on a guided tour of the home. All inquires regarding this website may be addressed to:





















Adrian Mount Pearsall